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Institutionalized in 2014, the Moot Court team of the MPLSS is McGill's only club that gives Pre-Law students a chance to compete with one another in a legal setting. Mooting provides many benefits for students looking for a taste of life in the court room. It refines public speaking and presentation skills while giving them an opportunity to try oral advocacy. Mooting at the undergraduate level shows a commitment to law school and a demonstrated interest in lawyering skills. Law schools take notice of strong advocates that could add promise to their first year or upper year moot team. Moot Court is also a forum for networking. Students are given the opportunity to network with current law students, practitioners, law professors, and judges over the course of tournaments. 

FUN FACT: The McGill Moot Court team is undefeated in 9 competitions!

Moot Court Executives 2019-2020: 

President: Sarah Tyler

Vice-President of Internal Affairs: Lily Zhang

Tournament Chair: Nikita Tafazoli

Vice-President of Training: Patrick O'Donnell

Vice-President of Finance: Natalie Barch

Vice-President of External Affairs: Deborah Klebansky

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Capital Cup 2017 Results 

Wow, what a weekend! Our Moot Court team had a phenomenal showing at the Capital Cup National Undergraduate Moot Court Tournament in Ottawa this past weekend, securing a 5th consecutive win! Our team argued R v. Comeau, a case about interprovincial free trade that will actually go to the Supreme Court of Canada next month! Congratulations to the entire team for their hard work and commitment. 

A special recognition goes to:

Juliette Mueller and Rachel Abrahams: Champions (1st place overall)
Megan Shanklin and Sarah McCreary: Finalists
Harshita Iyer and Sarah Tyler: Quarter-Finalists
Additionally, congratulations to Rachel Abrahams, Sarah McCreary, and Harshita Iyer for Distinguished Oralist Awards

Thank you to the Capital Cup organizers for planning such a successful weekend.


Mcgill sweeps at the osgoode cup 2017

Congratulations to the McGill Undergraduate Moot Court team for winning Canada’s largest National Moot Court competition – the Osgoode Cup – this weekend! Out of 106 teams, McGill placed 3 teams in the Round of 16, and one team in the finals!

This weekend’s achievement means that McGill has won 1st place and been crowned champions at every tournament it has competed in this year, with an undefeated 4 out of 4 record in the 2016-2017 year. In 3 short years, McGill has cemented its position as the #1 Undergraduate Mooting program in Canada. A special commendation goes out to our 2017 Osgoode Cup award winners:

David Barmes – Champion, Distinguished Oralist.

Kareem Almusharaf – Champion.

Sarah Tyler – Round of 16, Top Oralist.

Harshita Iyer – Round of 16, Distinguished Oralist.

Dominique Grégoire – Round of 16.

Jishian Ravinthiran – Round of 16.

another big win for mcgill at the university of toronto

Congratulations to the McGill Moot Court team on their impressive results at the inaugural University of Toronto Undergraduate Mooting Competition! This marks McGill’s third consecutive win. A special commendation goes out to our award winners:

Harshita Iyer – Winner, Distinguished Oralist

Jishian Ravinthiran – Winner

Samantha Coronel – Quarterfinalist, Distinguished Oralist

Portia Proctor - Quarterfinalist

Mia Stewart - Quarterfinalist

Laura Franklin - Quarterfinalist

Sarah Tyler – Distinguished Oralist

Third Annual McGill Invitational results

Our annual in-house tournament was a massive success. Held in the Faculty of Law's building, the two-day competition was filled with fruitful debate and pointed questioning by the judges. We would like to thank all of the volunteer judges, competitors, and MPLSS executives that made the event possible. It was an honor to have shared the evening with former Supreme Court Justice Ian Binnie and his wife at the tournament. Mr. Binnie imparted his wisdom in a speech that resonated deeply with the students at the banquet. 

The MPLSS is proud to announce the winners of this year's tournament: 

Megan Shanklin – Winner, Distinguished Oralist
Harshita Iyer – Winner, Distinguished Oralist
Teodora Pasca – Finalist, Top Oral Advocate
Solomiya Zakharchuk – Finalist
Ema Ibrakovic – Semi-Finalist, Distinguished Oralist
Stefan Rus – Semi-Finalist
Madeleine Freedman – Semi-Finalist
Ayushi Thakur – Semi-Finalist
Mira Pijselman – Quarter-Finalist, Distinguished Oralist
Alexa Coleman – Quarter-Finalist, Distinguished Oralist
Venus Wang – Quarter-Finalist, Distinguished Oralist
Kléa Bogdani – Quarter-Finalist
Sarah Tyler – Quarter-Finalist
Jishian Ravinthiran – Quarter-Finalist
Sophia Glisch – Quarter-Finalist
Humayun Ahmed – Quarter-Finalist
Jeremy Brodeur – Distinguished Oralist

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

 mcgill's moot team at capital cup 2016

The team had a phenomenal showing at Capital Cup this weekend! Out of 56 competing teams, the top 5 ranked teams were all from McGill. Congratulations to our entire Moot Court team for an incredible performance. A special commendation goes out to our award winners: 

Sarah Tyler - Winner
Portia Proctor - Winner, Distinguished Oralist
Rachel Abrahams - Semi-Finalist, Top Oral Advocate
Juliette Mueller - Semi-Finalist, Distinguished Oralist
Alexa Coleman - Semi-Finalist, Distinguished Oralist
Jishian Ravinthiran - Semi-Finalist
Kareem Almusharaf - Quarter-Finalist
David Barmes - Quarter-Finalist, Distinguished Oralist
Megan Shanklin - Quarter-Finalist, Distinguished Oralist
Sarah McCreary - Quarter-Finalist