The 2017-2018 Executive Board

Our team works to organize workshops, plan events, connect you with mentors, run the Pre-Law Review, and coach the top Moot Court team in Canada.

It's great to meet you! 


Gordon Lee. Co-President.

Gordon is a fourth year student from Toronto who finishing up his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance. He has his private pilot's license and is a Second-Lieutenent in the Canadian Army. 

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Madeleine Kausel. VP Internal Affairs & Communications.

Madeleine is a third year student pursuing an Honors Political Science degree with a minor in Economics and Sociology. She is from sunny Sarasota, Florida and dreams of owning a corgi one day. 

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Christopher Balian. Vp Finance.

Christopher is a third year studying both Finance and Software Engineering. While not in the library, this Montreal native can be found behind the DJ booth under the alias DJ Chris-2-4. 

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David BarMes. Moot Court President.

David is a fourth year student double majoring in Economics and Psychology. He grew up in Geneva and dabbles in the world of memory techniques. 

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michael Cui. VP External Affairs.

Michael is a fourth year Political Science and History student from Toronto. A fun fact about him is that he can do some pen party tricks. 

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Isabella harvey. editor-in-chief of the pre-law review.

Isabella (or Bella for short) is a third year Honors Political Science student with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. She is originally from Calgary and enjoys teaching yoga in her free time. 

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reeve Kako. Mentorship coordinator. 

Reeve is a fourth year student finishing his degree in Honors Political Science with a minor in International Development. He was born and raised in Toronto but he has always wanted to make the trek to Antarctica. 

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Mario Bozzo. VP Events. 

Hailing from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Mario is a second year pursuing a double major in Political Science and Italian Studies. When he isn't studying in the library you can find him starring in music videos. 

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